Launch of Stratos NFT

Launch all 1000 GEN1, 6777 GEN2, algorithmically generated astro to our awesome community

After all 1,000 GEN1, 6777 GEN2 unique Stratos claim their place in the Bubbe lift-off, a family photo snap shot will be generated.

Marketplace integration

Buy, sell and trade Stratos on a Digitaleyes/Solsea or other major marketplace. This will be released soon after launch.
Release rarity

Release rarity

We will list elements, on the website and on the discord where you can see the rarity and ranking of your astro.
NFT merch

Stratos NFT merch

We already set up some merch for Stratos Holder, Who doesn't want a hoodie, tee, cap or sticker set with you're fav NFT ?


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